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SharePoint Content Rollup - getting started with LCWP

LCWP is a rollup web part that is similar to that of the Content By Query Web Part also know as just Content Query Web Part.  The Content Query Web Part (CQWP) allows you to roll up from SharePoint Lists or Libraries within just one Site Collection and is also difficult to configure when wanting to display additional columns other than the Title column. Therefore the LCWP allows you to roll up from SharePoint Lists and Libraries that are across Multiple Site Collections.  This means that if you follow the ‘Best Practice’ for SharePoint, you will have Multiple Site Collections instead of a single Site Collection, and you can still roll up your content! The Lightning Conductor Web Part is also a lot easier to configure than the Content Query Web part.  To display additional columns, all you have to do it select them from the Tool Pane.  We have also catered for those of you who want to use a custom view by providing you with the option of uploading your own XSL files.
To configure the Lightning Conductor Web Part, follow these 3 simple steps!

1. Choose the Source!
2. Apply a Filter
3. Configure Your View

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