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Sharepoint Designer Backup/Restore problem

I have seen many articles explaining that SharePoint Designer 2007 has a bug when trying to restore a .cmp backup file, generating an error message that it cannot find the ExportSettings.xml file.  

Working solution to the exportsettings.xml bug thinger! (without access to the actually server or stsadm.exe and all that ***) straight out of sharepoint.

 Ok so here's the step by step.

1. create a backup file and save it to your computer.

2. Go to your sharepoint recycling bin and locate the two files it created (my site was 35mb so it create a 35 mb one and a 400kb .. there maybe more files if your site is bigger.. but this is just my experience) and restore those two files, and then download them to your computer.

3. change the filename from .cmp to .cab

4. extract all the files from both cabs to a folder say... 'lebisrocks'

5. go here: and get yourself a copy of cabarc

6. now run the command.. like.. 'cabarc N lebisrocks\*.*'

7. rename to lebissavedme.cmp

8. restore

Now get all the webparts and all that jazz to work & site has moved successfully!

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