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SharePoint: Display blog feed using XML Web Part

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  1. Move to SharePoint page you want to add your blog feed. 
  2. Open this page in edit view and add new Web Part called XML Web Part. 
  3. If Web Part is added to page then open it's settings window. 
  4. On the field XML Link insert your blog feed URL. Check out if link is correct and content is receivable by clicking the link titled as Test Link. 
  5. Push button titled as [XSL Editor]. 
  6. XSL editing window is opened and now insert XSL code. When inserted click [OK]. 

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<xsl:stylesheet version="1.0"
    <xsl:output method="xml" omit-xml-declaration="yes" indent="yes"/>
    <xsl:template match="/">
           <xsl:apply-templates select="rss/channel"/>
    <xsl:template match="rss/channel">
        <xsl:variable name="link" select="link"/>
        <xsl:variable name="description" select="description"/>

        <ul><xsl:apply-templates select="item"/></ul>
    <xsl:template match="item">
        <xsl:variable name="item_link" select="link"/>
        <xsl:variable name="item_title" select="description"/>
            <a href="{$item_link}" title="{$item_title}"><xsl:value-of select="title"/></a>

  1. If everything is okay then you should see your blog's last titles as bulleted list. 
  2. If you see your blog entries in bulleted list then it is okay to save edited page.
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