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Move Project Server 2007 Including WorkSpaces


1. Project Server is installed on New Machine to a point with the following:
i. SharePoint Central Administration with Web Application on Port 80
ii. Web Application for SSP
iii. Project Application Service is started
2. Confirm that same service pack and patches are installed on new server.
3. Backed up and then restored Project Server database to new server.
4. Backed up and then restored Content Database for Port 80 (Assuming your project server work space was on port 80)

1. From Start » All Programs » Administrative Tools » Navigate to SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration.
2. From Operations » Under Topology and Services » Click on Services on Server » Select the Option Project Application.
3. Confirm that Project Application Service is started.
4. Under Shared Service Administration Click on Shared Services Provider Title (Eg. SharedServicesProvider1).
5. Then click on Project Web Access Sites.
6. Then click on Create Project Web Access.
7. Confirm that the same "Project Web Access Path" is specified to RESTORE AND RELINK SharePoint workspaces. (Eg. PWA or ProjectServer)
8. Enter the account info for Administrator Account and Primary Database Server.
9. Enter the name of Published Database, Draft Database, Archive database and Reporting Database (restored databases)
10. Then Click on refresh status after few minutes until the site is provisioned.
11. Then click on the site to make sure that Project Web Access is working.
12. Then click on Workspace. Message : "The PAGE not found" is expected.
13. Now Create a new web application on a different port.
14. Then navigate back to SharePoint Central Administration » Application Management » Under SharePoint Web Application Management click on Create or Extend Web Application
15. Create New Web-Application on a different port (Eg. Port number 81 or 90 or 100). It can be any port except 80.
16. After the Web application is created on the new port 81 » Navigate to SharePoint Central Administration » Application Management » Under SharePoint Web Application Management Click on Content databases.
17. Change the Web-Application to the new web application (Eg. http://servername:81/ or http://servername:90/ or http://servername:100/ )
18. Remove its Content Database of port 81 (Make Sure you are removing the content database of correct web application)
19. Click on Database name and then click on Remove Content Database > Click Ok.
20. Then add Content Database of Port 80 from Previous Server (I did restored the database as "OLD") to this web application on Port 81.
21. From the Project Server Resource kit for Project Server 2007
22. Extract it to a local folder.
23. From command prompt, browse to the local folder where resource kit is extracted.
24. Type ReLinkAllWSSSites.exe http://newservername:newport http://newservername/PWAorProjectServer
25. Browse to Project Web Access (http://newservername/PWAorProjectServer) to confirm all Projects and their SharePoint Workspace Sites work.
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