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What's New (Reporting Services)

SQL Server 2008 Books Online (September 2009)

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services (SSRS) introduces many new features and enhancements that increase the reporting capabilities of people who develop reporting solutions.

What's New in Report Authoring [ ]

Introduces tablix, chart, and gauge data regions. It also introduces support for richly formatted text, new data source types, and Report Builder 2.0, which offers many new features, like enhanced data layout and visualization, in an Office-like authoring environment. Finally, this topic describes incremental changes to authoring tools and the Report Definition Language (RDL) that allow a report author to take full advantage of new processing features.


SQL Server 2008 PCU provides a ClickOnce version of Report Builder 2.0.

What's New in Report Processing and Rendering [ ]

Introduces new rendering extensions for Microsoft Word and enhancements to the Excel and CSV rendering extensions. This topic also describes important changes to the report processor that improve the performance and scalability of large reports.

What's New in Server Architecture and Tools [ ]

Introduces the new report server architecture that includes native support for functionality previously provided by Internet Information Services (IIS).

What's New in Report Programmability [ ]

Introduces a new server extension that provides preprocessing for report definitions, plus new methods to the ReportServer2006 endpoint that eliminate the feature gap that previously existed between native mode and SharePoint integrated mode report servers.

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