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Virtual Migration Environment for Project Server 2010

The Virtual Migration Environment (VME) Guide for Project Server 2010 is available in Microsoft TechNet.  The VME is a virtual Project Server 2007 migration environment that can be restored to a virtual machine in Hyper-V Manager in Windows Server 2008 R2. This guide describes how to use the VME to migrate your Project Server 2003 data to Project Server 2007, which is required for upgrading your data to Project Server 2010. This guide provides the following information:

  • Overview of the VME
  • How to restore and configure the VME on a virtual machine
  • Pre-migration tasks
  • Migration tasks
  • Post-migration tasks
  • How to plan to upgrade your data to Project Server 2010 after completing the migration on the VME

The VME also provides useful migration scripts that can assist you in the migration process. 

The VME image is available for download from the  Project Server Virtual Migration Environment download package page in the Microsoft Download Center.

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