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Set limits for RSS Feeds

After RSS support is enabled in Central Administration and at the site collection level, you can enable and configure RSS support for the following types of lists in your sites: document libraries, picture libraries, form libraries, announcements lists, calendar lists, blogs, surveys, and discussion boards. When users access the RSS Feed for a list or library, this is similar to a view of all the items in the list. The default RSS view limits the number of items that are returned, based on the date that the item was last modified by using a filter on the Modified column. Just as with any other view, if the list or library has many items, it is important to index the Modified column if users access the RSS Feed.

Follow this procedure to change the number of items and days for which changes are included in an RSS Feed.

  1. If the list is not already open, click its name on the Quick Launch.

If the name of your list does not appear, click View All Site Content, and then click the name of your list.

  1. On the Settings menu Settings menu, click List Settings.
  2. In the Communications section, click RSS settings.

 Note    The RSS settings link is not available if RSS support is not enabled both in Central Administration and at the site collection level.

  1. In the Item Limit section, type the maximum number of items and days to include in an RSS Feed.
  2. Click OK.
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